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My Christmas Jewelry Collection!

Many happy memories in my Christmas Jewelry Collection -- mostly of my daughters raiding my jewel box!

I used to always keep my Christmas jewels on my bathroom counter -- and my 3 littles would love to sneak in and check out the sparkle even before they could wear it. That was all fine by me. I figured it was good training for holidaying -- and practice for wearing the real thing.

Like lots of things, I think that wearing Christmas jewelry has gone out of fashion. When was the last time you saw a Christmas broach on the cover of Vogue! But lots of things have gone by the wayside during these Covid holidays.

The biggest thing for me is that I have not been to the mall once. Not once. That's really extraordinary. I love the mall, I love shopping at the mall, I love eating at the mall. I love Christmas at the mall. And all the decorations. The mall was the place that I often first felt the Christmas Spirit each season. Plus, I was a kid who grew up at the mall. (Such a fondness for Laurel Plaza!) And so did my daughters.

But for safety's sake, I haven't ventured to any stores except the grocery store, and the occasional hardware and nursery store visit. Such a shame. And I am often a bellwether, so I bet that my experience is not unique.

Instead I am ordering online, wasting all those boxes, all that packing material, and all that fuel -- having things delivered to me. Ergh.

I don't really know the answer to any of this. I just hope that one day I can get back to one of my favorite places, maybe this time with my grand littles!

Do something sparkly this weekend!


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