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Mulligatawny Soup!

Except for the thumbnail of this video ( completely stupid!) and the cockatoo look of my hair when I turn to the side, (again?) this is an ok video.

Thumbnails are a quick snapshot of your video that readers click on when they want to watch. However, creating thumbnails for your video on Youtube is a little complicated -- and of course, I should have posted a picture of the actual soup for this thumbnail. Sigh. Instead I guess l'll just post the link to the recipe.

And I'll work on the thumbnail situation. Sometimes I feel like Oprah. Because she's always on the cover of her magazine -- and I'm generally in the thumbnail of my Youtube videos! But just so you know, Youtube randomly selects frames for the thumbnail - so I'm not the one always choosing to showcase my beautiful countenance, that's Youtube's choice! But I can override that -- and that's what I have to learn to do.

The cockatoo situation? I give up. Who has eyes in the back of their head? Or a husband that notices that your hair is sticking out every which way? Let me know if either are true for you. I'm going to be more vigilant about this, and my plan includes using a mirror. Truly innovative.

The soup was good. Not amazing. But really good. It tasted to me much like a curried squash soup that I make during the fall. It had so many fun spices. Cardamom, curry, cumin, paprika, and more. I happened to have all of them on hand! AND I could find them because my spice cabinet is now alphabetized!

Small victories.


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