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Mountain Merriment and a Bear!

We love our mountain cabin - the Sequoias, the hiking, the cozy campfires. But there is another reason that we love the mountains. And that's our neighbors. We have created a strong community in our mountain retreat of Silver City, and it is a joy to feel the "querencia" and belongingness of a place that is such a large part of who we are.

"Querencia" is a Spanish term that describes the feeling of place where one feels most at home. Silver City is that place for us.

The community of Silver City is made up of 29 cabins, a self governed little "city" that relies on its residents to tend to the roads, the water, fire protection, refuse removal, and an old fashioned internet based on neighbors meeting each other on the road and sharing the news of the day. (There's only one road!)

Neighbors are always available to help trim trees, dig holes, and repair any manner of cabin problem that arises. There are no plumbers, or electricians, engineers, or builders to be called up the hill. Lucky for us, we have plumbers, electricians, engineers, welders, nurses, and builders, plus a physicist, tennis pro, and bee keeper thrown into the mix as well - who all call Silver City their home.

Each time we visit we are grateful for the camaraderie, and community of our little town, and we were glad to celebrate our fearless leader, David, on his birthday. Here's to many more campfires in our future!


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