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Mother of the Bride Dress Shopping!

I thought it would be a fun project to shop for a dress for Julia's October wedding. And I was almost right.

It's fun to look at beautiful dresses. But some things are problematic.

1) Dresses that look gorgeous online on Model Size 2 -- look very different on 66 year old Jill who is NOT a size 2. I really appreciate sites that show dresses on differently sized AND differently aged models -- Teri John is one of those, in case you're in my position!

2) It's not as much fun shopping by yourself in front of your computer. I wish that my Julia was here and we could go and shop together. That would be so much fun. At least we were able to do that for her wedding dress!

3) Getting these gorgeous dresses through the mail is just crazy. Scrunched up, in plastic grocery bags, they are not treated as the fine things that they are. It's almost as if wearing fine things has gone out of fashion - and we need to just live with the fact that dressing down is the new norm. Well, I am not dressing down for my youngest daughter's wedding.


4) I am going to watch "The Devil Wears Prada" tonight to fortify my fashion choice.

5) AND one bright spot. I've gotten really good at returning online dress purchases! Robert is very proud of me!


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