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More Birthdays...And a Request!

Top 3 Children’s Birthday Ideas from Jill

If you haven’t had the pleasure of attending one of Jill's parties, you should know that she always hosted the most spectacular birthday parties for her daughters. On today’s blog, we’re going to talk about three fabulous birthday ideas from parties my mom has thrown in the past.

1. “The Nancy Drew Party”: For this party, consider sending all your guests an entire book to read before they attend—say, Nancy Drew and the Secret of the Old Clock. While there won’t be a graded test, if you don’t read it, you WILL have a disadvantage in the games! Other party games include:

a. Hidden clues in the garden: Clues are written on poster board and hidden around the garden. Guests stand at a designated location and use binoculars to find and read the hidden messages. Most correct answers wins!

b. Word puzzles: Nancy never met a cipher she couldn’t crack. Have your guests race to unscramble a coded communication before time runs out!

c. Book Quiz: Look, I said the quiz wasn’t graded, not that there wouldn’t be a quiz. See who completed their homework! Nancy always did very well in school.

2. “The Snow Party”: Live in Southern California? No snow? No problem! Rent or hire a snow-maker to cover your lawn and create a winter wonderland at a balmy 70 degrees. (My mom actually did this!!!) Encourage guests to dress up in the winter gear they bought for that one special trip several years ago and never used again because you actually live near the beach. Activities include:

a. Snowmen!: Groups of 3-4 make snowmen together! I know the Midwest and East Coast do this all the time, but the novelty factor cannot be overstated in warmer climates. Be sure to have carrots and sticks and scarves and tiny hats on hand!

b. Hot chocolate and marshmallows by the fire: Serve hot chocolate and marshmallows with the birthday cake to really get in the spirit.

c. Snowball fight: Just be sure to have band-aids and avoid aiming for the face – the artificial snow can pack a punch.

3. “Rocket Party”: The goal of this party is two-fold: a) celebrate the achievements of Sally Ride, the first American woman (and third woman ever) in space, and b) launch as many hazardous objects into the sky as possible. Guaranteed to amuse kids from 0 – 99!

a. Find a park: The hazardous objects almost never fall where you planned, so it’s best to find a big open space where you’re unlikely to get things stuck in a tree or on someone’s windshield.

b. Buy an air-powered rocket: Classic examples include the Stomp Rocket.

c. Buy or create a water-powered rocket: Like the air-powered rocket, but with a little more oomph.

d. Buy a literal model rocket with an engine! Menace your neighbors! You only turn 10 once!

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