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Mineral King Road Washout: April 29, 2023

This piece took a long time to edit because I shot so much video as we explored the Mineral King Road on the way to the washout and road closure.

I'm still sad that it appears we won't be able to visit our cabin this summer. We're not super big travelers BUT we do love our summer cabin time, so this feels like a real loss this year.

The damage was much greater than we had expected based on the pictures that we had seen. Truly, the video and photography do not do justice to the scale of the destruction, and the work that will need to be done to repair the road.

Despite all this, I felt joy seeing the familiar sights of our mountain road, hearing the waters rush, the bees buzz, seeing the lupine bloom, and smelling the fresh, clean air.

I'm willing to wait for however long it takes to be in Silver City again.

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