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Marigolds, Squirrels, and Halloween!

One might think that autumn is a slow time in the garden, but actually, it is a very busy time! So much happens in the garden in the fall, and it's time for spring planning as well, so lots of trips to the nursery!

Switching from summer to fall is always bittersweet, though. Annuals that have performed well, and done their duty in the garden, now have to say good bye. They will be replaced by other lovely things, but I won't forget the beauty of this season. Those marigolds were stunners. Such showgirls, brassy, and unashamed to strut their their stuff. I have loved every minute of their sassypants selves. And they saved our spirits during the first days of Covid. Soon, however, I will be overseeing a regime change. I visited the nursery today -- just to feast my eyes on possibilities for the new planting. I didn't buy anything but it was so fun to windowshop!

And after autumn planting, one of my favorite things about the season is decorating! And in our house we decorate inside and out! So lots of fun video to come. Halloween kicks off our decorating season, and we start in the garden. I know that this year will be difficult for families wanting to celebrate or trick or treat, so we hope to add a little daily fun to their commute as they pass by our house. I save our decorations and store them from year to year, and after 39 years, I've got lots of decorations stored up!

We always put up our decorations in stages, so today we began with Stage 1 and we will continue until Halloween! Robert is my partner in crime, so he and I will have a lot of fun this season, and it will help to blunt some of the anxiety that I feel about what's happening in the world right now.

Decorating and Gardening. They're sort of the same thing, aren't they?


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