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Mardi Gras Prep!

I have really fond memories of Mardi Gras celebrations with my little family here in Encino. We would eat pancakes (a real treat for the girls!), play jazz music and dance around the kitchen! AND I plan to do exactly the same thing this year! Why not?

While I haven't ever been to Mardi Gras celebrations, I have visited New Orleans on business on a couple of occasions -- and I've strolled down Bourbon Street.

It is a visual delight, and definitely fun to browse in the shops, and enjoy an authentic Cajun dinner.

But...when I was overrun with co-eds exhibiting behavior that was less than modest. Yikes.

I can't really imagine the doings during Carnivale. Nonetheless, I love the idea of Mardi Gras. A party before the fast. Fish on Fridays, fasting on Ash Wednesday, and Easter at the end. More celebrating!


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