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Making a Christmas Wreath from the Garden!

Confession: Currently watching a Hallmark movie with the family after a festive Christmas Dinner of Sloppy Joes! Why are Hallmark movies so popular?

1) They're completely predictable. You can know what the end will be in the first scene of the movie.

2) They always have happy endings.

3) There's lots of escapism to places that you would want to visit!

4) Hardened grinches change into Christmas loving sprites!

5) Santa lives among us, and always has great advice!

6) Princes and princesses appear incognito, and marry commoners, the fantasy of many little girls.

7) There's always some kind of makeover montage (ala Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman). It's so fun to see regular people turn into glamorous guys and gals.

8) The worst thing that happens in Hallmark Christmas movies is that someone doesn't have enough holiday spirit.

9) The drinks of choice are hot cider and hot chocolate. AND people really do go door to door caroling in the snow.

10) You can always go home again.

What's not to like? With a world in disarray, and a pandemic raging, I think a little predictable, happy escapism is just what the doctor ordered!

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Dec 18, 2020

You are so wonderfully genuine.

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