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Magic in the Mountains!

One of the beauties of the mountains is that technology is spotty, and the internet can be fussy, and not worth worrying about. So, if we choose, we can really detach from the daily grind. Yesterday when we were in the mountains the internet simply did not want to send my blog on Constant Comment. I do always post on Youtube, and on my blog platform, (, but for those of you who receive my missives on Constant Contact, that was a no - go yesterday. Never fear! we're back, and in fine form. Grateful to be connected again (mostly!)

This video the reason why we love going to the mountains. You never know what you will see. Unexpected wildflowers. Cascading waterfalls. A flight of butterflies. Or maybe all of these things!

This trip to the mountains on our way up the circuitous road to Mineral King, there were surprisingly very few cars. And so lots more opportunity for wildlife.

This gorgeous 2 point young buck was ambling across the road, just sight seeing, as we drove up the mountain. He was not particularly cautious - and didn't scoot off the minute he saw us as they often do. I think he was considering his escape route -- either up a rather steep embankment, or down the hill on the other side.

He eventually decided to skitter off down the hill, but not before looking us straight in the eye.

I wonder what he was thinking? Was he wondering if we would provide a snack? I hope not. The worst thing that can happen to wild life is that they become desensitized to humans.

Anyway, I just wanted you to see this miracle we witnessed. Maybe an ordinary miracle. But somehow, after long illness, and some dark days, it felt good to see life go on. A young buck with his life ahead of him. Gorgeous.

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