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Lunar New Year's Luncheon!

Honestly, I still don't have the hang of this vlogging thing. After all that work cooking, and serving -- I didn't take a picture of the food! And the serving dishes were so gorgeous! But I think I know why this happens to me.

I don't really "do" things so that I can blog about them. I just go about my daily life and if I think it's interesting, then I spend a little time making a video. But if I am enjoying a meal, or conversing with my guests, I am so old that my first reaction is not to take a "selfie," or instagram my food. I like to be in the moment - and generally my vlogging is secondary to the event that I am engaged in. That's ok with me.

So -- you will just have to believe me when I say that the food was delicious (by popular acclamation!) and the dessert (thanks Joy!) and treats were all great fun.

Thanks to our guests for being good sports, and being part of of the New Year's Vlog!

Luck, Love, Longevity and Happiness to all in the New Year!

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