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Lovely Berkeley Walks!

The last time we were in Berkeley we discovered the "Berkeley Pathways." There's quite a few of them near my AirBnB, and so Robert and I got a little exercise one morning as we waited to see Baby Abby.

It was a lovely morning - just to be outside, enjoying some exercise, and drinking in all the flowers and greenery. Colors are changing in a much more dramatic way here in Berkeley than in Los Angeles, and that is also a delight to see.

The pathways that we visited this time were not particularly unique in any specific way; it's not like one would drive to Berkeley to take a walk on Pathway #9. However, as part of a collective recreational, historical, and recreational endeavor, they are quite impressive - and just fun to explore. I can see that if I lived here, I would have to have on my bucket list a visit to ALL 136 Pathways. But that's not the most important thing that I discovered this visit as we walked the pathways. Here it is:

I am in lousy shape. I was out of breath after about 10 steps on the first pathway. AND the next day my quads and my calves were so sore that I had to limp around when Baby Abby visited. I need to get my act together. There's a nice little hill near us in Encino, that I used to walk quite frequently. But now that Robert and I are home together, when we have the time, we exercise, or walk together. AND he will NOT walk the hill near us. He has a very bad attitude about it and I don't exactly know why. (He has said it ruins an otherwise lovely walk!)

I'm going to have to change his mind if I am going to be checking off completion of all 136 pathways on my bucket list.


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