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Love Lies Bleeding

There's lots of fun things to think about with this Amaranth plant, or "Love Lies Bleeding" as it is commonly called. Last Christmas I made a wreath with a little bit of Amaranth that I had dried. I might try that again this year.

But the thing that I find most intriguing about this plant, is that it reminded me of the notion that the Victorians had about flowers -- that a well picked bouquet could tell the recipient everything that they needed to know -- without any words!

That's certainly not exactly true today -- although the gift of red roses remains a message of love. (Think Valentine's Day!)

I like to imagine myself living in other times, with other customs, In fact, it's the reason that I love to watch period dramas. It takes me away from the here and now, and I think of myself in exotic places, and far away times, and wonder what life would have been like.

Still, there's no where else I'd rather be than here, with my beautiful husband and my gorgeous daughters and grand babies. And while there's no hopeless love in this household, there's going to be amaranth in my garden this year!


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