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Los Encinos State Historical Park (aka "The Duck Pond")

In our family we call this park "The Duck Pond" and after you watch the video you will see why. Ducks and geese everywhere! Hungry ducks and geese! While we visited, there were two families that had brought dry bread to feed the ducks, and the ducks and geese were very grateful.

We have so many fond memories of this park when our children were little. We fed the ducks just like the families that we saw on our visit. I do remember though that you have to be very careful, because the geese can be very aggressive! When our girls were quite little if they were holding a piece of bread, the geese ( who might have been as tall as our daughters!) would sidle right up to them and grab the bread out of their tiny hands. My mom, who grew up on a farm in Java, South Dakota, tells the a harrowing story about a "mean" goose who would chase her around the farm! It seemed funny to me, but my mom said that she still had nightmares about him, even all those years later -- so not so funny to her!

The other wonderful thing about this park, is that it is so beautifully managed, and taken care of -- the grass was freshly mowed and beautifully green, the plants and trees were trimmed, the buildings and pathways were clean and tidy. Such a delight to visit a public space that is so well tended. I wondered if perhaps it had gotten more intensive care during Covid, and without any patrons, it was able to be kept clean and well manicured. I would, however, be willing to have it a little more worn, if that meant that the shut down was terminated. Parks are meant to be lived in, and I'm ok when things are well used. It just means that they are well loved.

It was great fun to visit this park that has recently re-opened again after the shut down. It brought back so many happy memories, but also gave me an idea! I will be making memories again here very soon. It's a perfect place for a stroll with my new granddaughter Abby!


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