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Liberation! (Or Jill Cries at Gelson's!)

I didn't expect to be so emotional! I don't know exactly why that happened. I think my grocery store experience reminded me so clearly of all that we had been through, all that we had overcome, and all that we had missed. Or maybe I really do feel that strongly about choosing my own produce! Whatever the case, they were happy tears.

We walked down every aisle to take stock of what was the same and what was different. There were still some surprising bare shelves, in the paper goods section, and in the cleaning section, but also there were Lysol disinfectant wipes, and lots of toilet much has improved since the early days of quarantine.

I know that I may not be telling you anything that you don't already know. I think that many visited grocery stores during quarantine, and so have been able to chronicle their evolution over the course of the pandemic, but this wasn't the case for me. So, today was really the first time that we had been INSIDE a store in over a year.

And it was glorious! Tomorrow...CVS!!!!! Whoop!


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