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Jill's On Rodeo Drive!

It was a star studded day today! I visited Beverly Hills to get my hair cut -- and I decided to take a stroll down Rodeo Drive. I have never shopped on Rodeo Drive, except that one time when I bought a Mother of the Bride Dress at Dolce and Gabbana. (It was worth it!)

Whew! It's a different world there. I was too shy to actually go into any of the stores. I rather felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when she tries to buy a dress on Rodeo Drive but is rebuffed because she looks...well you know that story. I didn't quite look like that -- I was more hobo chic, but still...I was pretty sure they would know straight away that I wasn't going to buy anything.

But window shopping was just as good. You, know. It's funny. Since the shutdown for Covid, and since my retirement, I have had much less taste for fancy things, like designer bags or clothing. (Though I wouldn't turn down a Louis Vuitton hand bag!) I just don't have anywhere to make use of them, or show them off -- so why bother. And who needs to show off anyways?

I don't know. Maybe I will change my mind one day. But for now, it was fun just to look, to listen in on the conversations of passers by, and play tourist in my hometown.

I promise to show my hair cut on Monday! Have a great weekend!

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Elaine Diamond
Nov 05, 2021

Hmm...maybe you went back to Umbertos? I'm headed there today...(no pun intended!)

Rodeo Drive is a strange street, very high end, and mostly tourists. My favorite store in the area, Williams & Sonoma, is gone. But lots of restaurants and other stores still in business. 😊

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