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Jenny in Cancun, Mexico at the Xcaret Park!

It was hard for Jenny to be away for a week from her two babies (Cora and Gracie) but it looks like she had a good time despite missing them madly!

Jenny is an experienced teacher, but recently completed a major career change, and began working remotely for an online education provider that produces authentic content and data driven instruction. So far, she's enjoying it, plus it allows her to be home with her children - and best of all - no commute!

Jenny was a fabulous teacher, but she is not alone in making the decision to move out of the classroom. Teaching is a very, very difficult job. And the job doesn't end when you leave the classroom, so it's a double challenge to negotiate family life with dedication to your students and to school life.

Additionally, I think that teaching has become even more difficult since I was teaching, for a variety of reasons. I completely understand Jennifer's decision -- and further, the perks of working remotely are incalculable with a young family.

However, in her current job she is using many of the skills that she so carefully honed over the last 15 years, so she brings all that richness to her new endeavor. She's still wearing her teacher hat, just in a different way!

PLUS -- in all 40 years of teaching I NEVER got to go to any place as fabulous as Cancun! (And no, Grad Night at Disneyland does NOT count!)

Congratulations Jenny on your new job! We're so proud of you!


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