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Indoor Gardening!

My oldest daughter has recently become an indoor gardener, and when we visited last week for a quarantine dinner, I snuck inside so I could give you a tour of her indoor garden. She's got my green thumb, but she's also a keen researcher. So, her garden benefits from internet searches about frequency of water, type of light, and ways to propagate. She's learned a great deal in the short time that she's been keeping plants insider her apartment.

I think she's a great example of persistence in gardening too -- because even thought she doesn't have a lot of space, she perseveres, finds corners and shelves, and wall sconces to display her little plants. And they give her great joy, watching them sprout, thrive, and settle into their new home in her little abode.

This past week I babysat some of her more delicate plants because she was going out of town. And I was determined to do a bang up job, so that when she returned from her travels, they would be even happier than when she left them in my care. Well, you can guess what happened. Her little maidenhair fern (which I called Miss Prissy Pants) decided to try and head out. I don't think Miss Prissy Pants is going to make it, and I am quite beside myself and feeling very guilty.

I'm not sure what lesson to take from all of this -- except that even when you have the best of intentions, things can go awry. But, nonetheless, I was so happy to see the thriving indoor garden that my daughter has curated (minus Miss Prissy Pants) and I though that you would like to see it too. I will keep you updated!

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