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IN-N-OUT...a can't miss SoCal experience!

Oh Lord. My hair is absolutely out of control in this video. I'm not even going to talk about it. Except I just did. It just goes to prove that these videos are completely unvarnished slices of reality. I do NOT have a glam squad! (Although I wish I did!)

We really enjoyed our IN-N-OUT burgers today - but ordering for lots of people with various food requests can be crazy. After this experience, Robert said, that's it. Next time everybody has to order the same thing. And that's not such a big deal at IN-N-OUT where the menu is so limited. But it can be a big deal at other drive through restaurants! So...I'm sure he will change his mind!

When the family gets bigger, this is one of the consequences. But we would much rather have our beautiful sons-in-law, rather than an easy take out order -- so it's really a very small price to pay!


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