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I'm Back...and Pre-Halloweening!

Thanks so much for those of you that connected and asked after me. The truth is that I did have a little hiccup these past few days. I've done a vlog 5 nights a week for months, and I've enjoyed making every single one. But I'm never sure exactly how they're received. I communicate with a few readers (thank you!) but mostly I don't pay attention to viewership. So, I really appreciated hearing from some of you when I didn't post for a few days.

The truth is that I took a little tumble. Not literally, but just the same - I was out of commission. I rarely get migraines, and I think I can count on one hand the migraines that I've had in my life. But I had a bad one for the last two days...and I was a mess.

I had to take to my bed! Part of the problem, is that my back is always a touch and go proposition - and when my back is strained the muscle pain goes straight to the base of my neck...and to my head. So, I often have headaches, but rarely one like I had this week

I'm in physical therapy trying to remediate the back problem, so I am hopeful...but it apparently didn't do enough for me to help me avoid the drama of this week. Ergh.

My mom used to say that "the hardest part about getting older is getting older." She was really right. There are more aches and pains, more health worries, and one simply can't do what one used to do. And sometimes the brain just doesn't remember that.

I am blessed to live with a supportive, loving family, and I know that when a little drama happens, I will be well taken care of. But I have to remember to take care of myself, too. A little self care can go a long way.

I'll continue to go to physical therapy, be safe when gardening, wear sunscreen (more on that later!) and make sure to count my blessings every day.

And you, readers, are one of those blessings. Thank you.


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