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Huguenot Village!

The video is self explanatory. And it's mostly very interesting. Except for one thing.

My hair! OMG. It is so wiggy-waggy that I really shouldn't have included it. And I'm mad that Robert let me do a video when I look like I just stuck my finger in a light socket.

It's hard enough getting older...but honestly.

Here's the thing. I just didn't have time to get into a hairdresser before we left for Sarah and Drew's New York wedding. And I thought to myself..."Oh, I can style it so it will look fine."

Well. Who knows if that happened at the wedding. I'm afraid to look. But it definitely did NOT happen in this video. What the what???

I learned my lesson. I can tell you that. And I can also tell you who my first call we be tomorrow.


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