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Hosed Up!

There's not much more to say about hoses -- EXCEPT that you HAVE to watch this video to the end. I promise there is a big pay off! I simply crack myself up.

Instead, I want to wish my second daughter, Jackie, and her terrific husband Matt -- a very Happy Anniversary! Seven years ago today we had the most beautiful wedding. And it was the beginning of a beautiful marriage. They were married at Loyola Marymount University, where Jackie had just graduated with her Master's in Education. The chapel at LMU is just gorgeous, and the Mass, under Jackie's and Matt's careful planning, was an inspirational and sacred experience. We'll never forget that.

Then we had the reception at the Marina Marriott, where the ball room was on the top floor of a multi story building. Beautiful views from all sides. Jackie and Matt had a choreographed first dance, which was amazing...and after many beautiful toasts, from all of their loved ones, Jackie and her friends Irish step danced!! I'm going to show you the video one day!!! We have lovely memories of this wonderful day - and feel so fortunate that Jackie and Matt found each other.

So today, we commemorate Jackie and Matt's beautiful nuptials, and ask for God's blessing on their little family.


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