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Hollyhock Season!

I remember the day that I took that Hollyhock picture. My youngest daughter, Julia, took the picture, and I was reflecting on being in the garden full time after 40 years of full time teaching. If you want to read that reflection, it's here.

But after one year in the garden, as I look back on that day, and the year that followed, I can only see joy. It was difficult to leave a profession that I loved, but it was time for me to start a new chapter. And I began the chapter with you. What a delight it has been.

And I use the word "delight" very intentionally, despite the year that we have had.

I've spent every week day, dreaming up plans for my garden, my home, my daughters, and my husband, and thinking about how to share them with you. In a way it's a little like lesson planning! But, actually much more fun!

And of course, my family has been along for the journey - and I love them for that. My husband, (very camera shy) has joined in on the hilarity (and of course, he is my assistant gardener!) , my daughters have participated, and encouraged as well. How lucky I am.

Thank you for being my compatriots in this joyful journey. It has doubled my delight!


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