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Herb Update!

I’ve been thinking about my herbs, and I realized that they do more in my garden than I had intended!

I do use basil for my sauces, and for bruschetta, but really, I do love to see it sprawling everywhere, just green as can be, always trying to extend its reach into all parts of the garden!

And I’m excited about the sorrel, but I know that I won’t be using it too much – I’m just excited that the transplant took, and I want to see where and how it wants to live in my garden.

Now, the two mints are lovely additions to our garden, but mostly I like the pop in the garden that they provide in their beautiful Talavera pots! I have used the spearmint for some lovely tea, but the Morrocan mint has been so reluctant that I haven’t been able to harvest any at all!

In the front yard, I transplanted the sage and the thyme in late spring, and they have taken off! They have grown tall and broad, green and so happy. In fact, they’re so happy that they fill their spot in the garden with great beauty and interest. I didn’t mean for them to be decorative, I was just looking for a spot for them to thrive – but they turned out to be real beauties. I’ve interspersed my mom’s irises with the herbs in the front board, and it’s a perfect mix.

I’m happy to have a variety of herbs in my garden, and I love when a recipe calls for a fresh herb that I know is growing outside. But really, they do double duty – in the kitchen and in the garden – growing in flavor AND beauty!!!


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