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Healing My Citrus

There's lots of un-sexy things about gardening. And one of them is fighting the bug population that tries to undermine all of your hard work. In fact, I communicated with a reader this week who said that he was giving up growing tomatoes because the bugs were so bad last year.

It's true, things can get so bad that you want to give up. But I'm not giving up on my citrus trees. I worry that I let them go too long without intervention as it is -- but I am taking steps before spring actually arrives, and I am hoping for a good result.

I guess that's mostly what gardening is about -- and life too. Hoping for a good result. We don't always get it, but we generally don't stop trying.

Except for broccoli. I'm giving up on broccoli. Too many hours wasted picking bugs off leaves!!!


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