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Happy Birthday Biff!

Biff is our son-in-law, our first daughter Jennifer's husband, and Cora's dad! We're lucky to have him in our family! He's a Gemini like me!

We were in Shell Beach on his actual birthday so we had to celebrate when we came home. A pool party with the grandchildren, and a taco bar for a double celebration -- Father's Day and Biff's Birthday! (It was no small feat getting that together after a 3+ hour drive home from Shell Beach! Whew!)

It was worth it, though. We were so happy to have our whole family with us -- all three daughters, including our Julia who lives in Washington D.C. - and our fabulous sons-in-law, Biff and Matt, and beautiful granddaughters. Plus, veteran Girl Dad, Robert, who was spoiled by you know who!


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