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Halloween Haunted Cookie House!

This video made me write a note to myself on my "to - do" list for tomorrow. Get an appointment for a hair cut!

I can't believe the cowlick that is sticking up at the back of my head!! Here's my problem.

I don't have a hairdresser. I had a hairdresser who had been doing my hair for many years - who I loved - but she injured herself and is not back in action.

So, a while back, (when I was desperate) I visited a salon, and made an appointment with someone who had done my hair years ago, and who was available and close by.

As I was sitting in the chair, and he was in the process of cutting my hair, (standing very close to my face! ) he casually mentions that he is NOT vaccinated.

I practically jumped out of the seat. I don't know what to do. He's already started on my hair. I've made the time to be there...I decide to stay. BUT we're inside, I'm thinking to myself -- who else is NOT vaccinated in here. I was a mess.

It ended up that the haircut was ok, safe, and not a disaster, but I was so traumatized that I can't go back to him.

Prior to that experience, I visited a very chi-chi salon in Beverly Hills, "Umberto Salon." This stylist WAS vaccinated, but it's a long drive to Beverly Hills, and really a hassle, to get there, and park, and walk. Yada yada - suffice to say that I did not want to go back. The hair cut was ok, but I didn't look like Sharon Stone. And for all that trouble...well, you understand.

So now, I'm sunk. I've either got to find another stranger to cut my hair. Or go back to the hassle of Beverly Hills.

What's a girl to do???


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