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Halloween Door Decorating!

Our house is looking so festive! Just tonight we saw several cars stop by and take pictures of our decorations. And we have more plans for fun! The best part about it is that most of our decoration are either recycled from year's past, or home made. We bought one new statue this year ( the "Holy" witch - if you haven't seen her I will show you soon - hilarious) and the canopy of lights. Those lights are a big hit! They really spook the place up!

I remember when I was a high school teacher, each of the departments would decorate doors for the holidays. And then, our social chairman, Tom Cendejas, would oversee a door decorating contest...but... I must say that it was VERY competitive! I think that Tom actually had to put rules in place so that there was no unfair advantage for any department. And when the door decorating winner was announced at the faculty meeting -- well -- that was bragging rights for a whole year!

I'm going to say that we would win the door decorating contest on our block this year. But no bragging rights necessary. It's just fun to have people stop by and enjoy the view!


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