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Halloween at Green Thumb !

I can hear myself humming as I narrate some of the video. That makes me laugh. The music underneath camouflages it a little!

The thumbnail is NOT of Halloween but of decor for The Day of the Dead, another tradition in these parts, which originated in Mexico. It is celebrated on November 1st and is a day of remembrance for friends and family members who have died, where home altars are created to honor those who have passed.

This past year my daughter Jennifer, created a home altar to remember members of her family (including my mom and dad) who have died, and we gathered for a small celebration and ate traditional Mexican breads. It was lovely. I am looking forward to her celebration this year!

One year, Jennifer and I were in Austin, Texas, for the Day of the Dead, and we visited our favorite Mexican Restaurant, Fonda San Miguel. If you are ever in Austin, you must visit. At any rate, we visited the week of November 1st, and they had the most extraordinary altar, lit with dozens of candles, and honoring the friends and families of the employees of the restaurant. It truly felt like a sacred space.

Just goes to prove, there are blessings to be found in the most unexpected places!!!

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