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Hallmark Christmas Movie Season!

Don't judge. I love Hallmark Christmas movies, and there's no harm in that! When I was teaching at the university, I used to share with my students that one of my favorite musical artists was Barry Manilow. And, at first, boy did they make fun of me!

Then, I asked them what music they liked. I proceeded to tell them that while I would never listen to their choice of music, I wouldn't make fun of them because they did...and they got the point. Everyone should be allowed their own passions as long as they don't hurt others -- and that's how I feel about my Hallmark movies!

I guess I am a little defensive because I do get teased about it, but really, it's all in good fun, and at my house nobody really cares when I watch my favorite movies. My husband even indulges me by buying me Hallmark goodies!

And most importantly, I've got to have something to keep me in the spirit as I embroider another Christmas stocking this year! One for Baby Coraline!

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