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Grandma Verna's Birthday

My mom positively impacted the lives of so many. But none more than me. She adored me and was always ready to brag about her daughter.

As an only child, I felt particularly responsible for her care as she got older. My dad died much earlier, and my mom made her way in the world as a single woman for over a decade before she moved in with us. I don't think I ever appreciated how hard that must have been at the time. I do now.

She was a WAC (in the Women's Army Core) during World War II, and married my father soon after. They lived in Seattle, and then moved to California, where my father believed the weather was going to be like paradise. Coming from South Dakota, I think that's about right!

I was born to them later in their marriage. My mom was 38 and my dad was 48. At the time that was very unusual, and they were over the moon that I arrived. Our family life revolved around our parish, and school, and I have so many happy memories because of their care and devotion to me.

And when she came to live with us, my daughters were able to visit their grandma in the backyard by just knocking on the door of the guest house!

Grateful in this life for so many things. But I think it all began with my mom.


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