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Grandma and the Bean Pit

Here's the hilarious things about this video:

1) The video of my derriere facing the camera - what???

2) The fact that the "lawn" I am trying to protect is really 99% weeds

3) Me believing that I could possibly extract all the beans from the grass

4) That I decided to do this as the sun was going down (even though it was cloudy) so that I couldn't hardly see what I was doing

5) Me struggling to press the "on" button for the Shop Vac

And finally, when I told my husband this morning that I was going to use the Shop Vac to get all the beans off the lawn, he heartily concurred and we went off on our errands before I started my afternoon "bean extraction."

When we got home from our errands, I went into the garage to get the Shop Vac, but I couldn't find it. I looked in the storage shed. Not there either.

I went inside, and said to my husband, "Do we not have a ShopVac? I know I've seen one in the garage."

He replied, "No. I gave it away."

I said, "Well, then why didn't you tell me this morning when I was making all that noise about cleaning up the lawn with the ShopVac?

He said, "I was going to buy you one."

Oh Lord. I didn't know whether to be grateful or be mad!

Come to find out, he "gave it away" to my son-in-law Matt. So I borrowed it back for the bean extraction. Just in time before the sun went down!!!


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