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Grand Re-Opening of the Bickett-Hubbell Swimming Pool & Lounge!

I will just say what my darling granddaughters said as they enjoyed the Grand ReOpening of the Bickett Hubbell Swim Pool and Lounge. Coraline (3) , as she jumped into the pool with her swim jacket on said "This is amazing!" And, my oldest granddaughter, Abby (3.5), after joyously sequealing the entire time time she was in the pool, upon leaving, said, "I feel too sunny!"

That's exactly how I am feeling right now. So grateful and "amazing" for the wonderful gift that we could give our granddaughters, but also, "too sunny" after having been in the 100 degree heat most of the day (even though we cooled off in the pool!).

Bring on summer! We're ready!


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