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Gracie's Walking!

Oh my heart. Today when I opened the door to my daughter Jennifer's home, Gracie stood before me with her arms outstretched and walked right up to me because she wanted me to pick her up. Could there be anything better than this?

Now, Gracie is just barely 10 months the fact that she is walking so early is surprising. But seeing a teeny, tiny little 10 month old toddle is just too adorable for words. She's not completely steady on her little feet yet - but she's so close to the ground that it doesn't make too much difference.

She can get around by herself quite well, whether it's crawling or walking - and so she is busy checking out every little thing in her reach - and of course wanting to put everything in her mouth. This causes her parents great anxiety - and when I was there taking care of her, I was watching like a hawk!

But still...grandparenting is just too much fun!


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