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Go Away Bugs!

P.S. I had to film this video twice. After I reviewed my first attempt, I realized I had a huge green leaf stuck in between my teeth. So attractive. I won't say here who I blame for that...but it might be the person that I spent the day shopping with...

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5 days ago

Lol, can't get away from carrying green stuff around no matter what, can you... 😊 It was interesting to hear what you found at the outdoor stores for repellent treatments. It will be interesting to hear how they work for you. I have bought the all natural sprays and sticks and then totally forget to use them before I head out... Or I sweat it off in about 2 minutes.

Since I live where mosquitoes and biting gnats can carry you off if they wanted, I had to figure out something I would actually use. I love the UPF shirts and use those and sun sleeves to protect myself from sun and bugs, and I carry a bug net for…

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