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Garden Shed Success!

Lots of time in the garden means lots of tools! And I definitely am a tidy girl - so a garden shed has been long in order!

Though I did get the shed as a Christmas present from Robert, it needed assembly, and to be honest, either Robert or I have been too busy or too sick since December to get it together!

It's perfect for the space because it is not very wide, but tall enough for shelves and tools. And I like it even better because it is made of wood. I have had sheds that are vinyl, and steel, and I prefer this because of the look, and the feel. I might even paint it white. Or red! Although, as I say in the video, I do think I might need another shed just like this one... for the rest of my gardening accoutrements! Here's the link in case you're looking for a tiny wood shed!

So, with the help of good friend Eric, Robert assembled the shed this weekend. Just in time for Mother's Day! So it was a two holiday present! (Thank you Eric!)

It motivated me to clear out the bins on the potting shed (two years of gunk) and to weed the gravel around the veg garden. I feel so accomplished! But I'm pretty sure I shouldn't have bent over that much!

Now, I need to get up early to take advantage of the early morning cool and get some more of the gardening done!!!

I'm on it!


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