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Garden Decorating for St. Patrick's!

St. Patrick's Day is a big holiday around our house. Here's why!

1) We're Irish! Robert's mom was 100% Irish. And my paternal grandmother was Irish.We're enough Irish that our daughters qualified to compete for the Rose of Tralee!

2) Robert and I met in the first grade at St. Patrick's Grade School in North Hollywood! We had Irish Nuns teach us (so, we did) and participated in many St. Patrick's Day plays and pageants.

3) We spent 20 years at Irish Dance Competitions, listening to live Irish music, watching our girls practice the jig, and traveling to Ireland for the World Championships! And through Irish Dance, we met the most extraordinary woman, Bella (O' Connor) Yerina, who was our daughters' Irish Dance teacher. We visited her home in Ireland, and her Irish mother, in Tramore, in County Waterford. And it was the trip of a lifetime.

Looking forward to this year's St. Patrick's Day. Corned Beef, (maybe Cabbage), and Bing Crosby singing when "Irish Eyes are Smiling." Plus I'm definitely going to make my daughters dance a jig for me -- even if it's on Zoom!


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