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Garden and Kitchen Miracles!

Just barely made it through the day! If you listened to the end of the video you know why...I'm currently doing an overnight clean of the oven!

It's not been super hot during the days, so the mornings and evenings have been great for gardening. Currently, I'm spending my time pruning and planning. I haven't planted anything since my big spring bonanza, and I think it's time to refurbish a few things. The front border needs a refresh, the iris garden needs help, and I'm ready to change out some of the veg in my raised garden bed. Plus I cleaned out and refilled my hummingbird feeders. I think the beautiful Monarch butterfly inspired me. And my new native milkweed is going to bloom soon. I'll have to show you that!

But so many tomatoes! I'm going to do a tomato taste test with my daughter Jenny and post it on Friday! Stay tuned!


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