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Full Bloom

Despite the fact that most gardeners across the country are "powering down" their gardens and actively planning for winter, here in my garden, there are still lots of things in full bloom. It's such a delight to drive up to my house and see the profusion of color this late in the season.

I must remember that a late summer planting is completely worth it. I'll definitely be planting zinnias, and my Mexican sunflower again. And I am going to do a better job of taking care of my dahlia. I've had those tubers in the ground for probably 10 years, and I've never taken them out or moved them. I did stake them more carefully this season than I have before, but I did it too late. The long, wide leafy stems had already twined themselves around and drooped on the ground in ways that did not maximize bloom production. I learned my lesson - early staking will pay off. But even so, I am happy with all the beautiful blooms that we have enjoyed this year.

The reason that I have full blooming plants so late in the season, is because I planned for them, and I tended them. I made sure that they had what they needed to thrive, and I devoted my time and my treasure to making sure that they would succeed. Now, there's not always a guarantee, but chances of success increase many fold if one plans for and tends to the bloom.

I feel like life is like that too. With our children. With our dreams. My husband and I devoted our lives and love to our three daughters. And we believe that they have bloomed, or "turned out," as we say in our family, because of that tender care.

But as I continue to reflect on my life forward after my recent retirement, I am also contemplating this new bloom that I hope to experience. I hope it to be colorful, prolific, robust, and long lasting. I am grateful to have been given this chance to grow in a well tended garden, and as the saying goes, I hope to "bloom where I am planted!"

My wish for you is that you can do the same, no matter the season.


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