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Friday Flower Haul!

Marigolds, Caladiums, Coreopsis, Celosia, Rudbeckia, and Sunpatiens! Lucky me! I get to plant these over the next few days.

It's still mighty hot, and I think it will be a challenge to get up early enough to get these all in the ground...but I am determined to do it! Some of them I can plant later in the evening when it cools off, so that gives me two possible windows of time.

Shopping for plants at Home Depot has several advantages: 1) There's always lots of product. Lots of the same kind of plant, so if you want to plant an entire bed with marigolds, they will have exactly what you need. 2) The plants are definitely less expensive than at a nursery. 3) The business hours for Home Depot are much longer than at nurseries so if you need to dash out for a quick plant fix, Home Depot is there for you.

There are disadvantages, though: 1) I like to patronize smaller local nurseries, and Home Depot is definitely not that. 2) There's no one who has any plant expertise at Home Depot. At local nurseries you're sure to find someone who knows all about that plant you are worried about. 3) The quality of plant that you get at smaller local nurseries is generally better and has a greater chance of thriving.

It's a situational decision. Today I bought plants at Home Depot because Robert needed to purchase some curtain hardware for our daughter's house. So while he was hunting around inside, I said,"I'm going to look at the plants!" Looking at the plants ended up being -- buying plants. Such that, when Robert came to find me in the nursery he said, "Let's get out of here now before you buy anything else!"

He was right, of course. He usually is.


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