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Fourth of July in the Garden!

I always like to have a well manicured, and festive border garden in front of our house. It's especially important to me around the holidays. And the holidays all come in a clump at the end of the year. But no worries -- we'll be ready for them!!

However, there are a few holidays throughout the year, that we also like to celebrate with garden decorations...and the Fourth of July is one of them. Robert wanted to do his woodworking magic and make decorations for the border -- but we have been so busy it just was not possible. Nonetheless - we found a way!

On the way home from the mountains in a little town called Three Rivers, there is a candy/ice cream store called Reimer's. They have decorations for every season (and a fabulous year round Christmas display!), so when we stopped last month, there were 4th of July garden decs in their outside pots. We had to get them in our garden!

So today's video is about our new decorations, a new border planting, and front yard progress! So much is always going on in the garden!

PLUS Jackie, Matt, and Abby are home from their New Jersey visit! Yeah!

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