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For the Birds!

Gardening is about more than plants. It's about sun and rain, soil, color, insects, and creatures that frequent our green spaces. But birds are some of the most important creatures that visit the garden.

I have lots of birds frequent my back yard, and insects too, including butterflies. I plant bee friendly and butterfly friendly plants, and I talk to them when they visit. Hummingbirds, though, have been some of my favorite visitors.

Hummingbirds are very territorial and in seasons past they actually fight over the feeders, and dive-bomb backyard visitors who interrupt their feeding. But this year, I have seen so few, that it makes me worried.

Why have they not found their way back to us? I will refill the feeders tomorrow with fresh syrup, and maybe I will switch up where they are located. Hopefully that will help.

The bird house that I bought at HomeGoods was only $29.00. I say "only" because I have been looking online for birdhouses for a long time. I was going to pay over $100.00 from a fancy birdhouse company for a bird house that was, granted a little bit bigger than this one, but would have done mostly the same thing. So, I'm please with my purchase, though I will be surprised if there are any occupants!

Another fun thing to look forward to in the garden!


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