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Football Decs and Dishes!

Yes, it may seem incongruous that I am talking about dishes when there is such tragedy, and sorrow in the world right now. Let me tell you why.

First, as many of you know, my husband, Robert Hubbell, writes a newsletter that addresses the political landscape "through the lens of hope." Every night, he writes of the day's news. But also, every night, he and I talk about the newsletter, and he often confers with me about sensitive issues. Last night was one of those nights. After talking with me, he deleted and rewrote an entire section of the newsletter, and says that I prevented him from making a "grievous error"in judgment. So, I do feel like I am contributing to the discussion, offering perspective and compassion about the tragedy in Israel and Gaza, through the work of my husband, in which I share. And, as you may know, he does refer to me as his "Managing Editor."

Second, I began this blog during the Covid shutdown, and continued through all of the subsequent difficult days. In the beginning it was just me in my garden, a place of solace and beauty that I occasionally shared with my husband's readers. I expanded the content as readers expressed interest in hearing more about Everyday with Jill.

The reason that readers said they enjoyed my blog is that it provided them a place of respite and joy, a space away from the daily struggles, and the troubled political landscape.

So I do feel like my job is to uplift, and inspire, as we all wade through the complexities of life, both near and far from home.

Today on my way home from the doctor, while listening to MSNBC as they reported on the loss of life in Gaza, and the barbarous behavior of Hamas, I could not stop myself from crying. It is too, too awful.

So, please do not think that because I do not address the tragedy, that it does not affect me. And, it's not that I may never address events of the day, it's just that this blog is my way of reminding us all to be present in the fleeting joys of everyday life.


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