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Flower Girl Dresses!

It was exhausting...but so much fun! We were malling it -- which the littles had never done before. They are both Covid babies so they really haven't been out and about very much. We can probably count on two hands the times they have actually been in the mall was a big deal!

And then the dresses...we had to make sure that 1) they would work for the wedding 2) they would work for the littles 3) the bride would like them 4) the moms of the littles agreed that they would fit the bill. It was lots of priorities that we had to juggle -- and because every body was flexible (mostly) we came to a consensus.

It isn't a certainty that the littles will agree to wear these on the I'm really hoping for the best. But we've all decided that whatever the flower girls do will be just fine. And we have a Plan B in place as well -- fancy dresses from Amazon!


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