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Flash Freezin' !!

Well, I'm going to report to you two things that I have been doing for the last week, that I think has made a difference in how I feel physically.

First, I'm drinking at least 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water each day. That's a huge increase for me. My husband's law firm sent these fancy water bottles to each of the lawyers, and they're super high tech. Their brand name is Hidrate. They do a couple of neat things, and have encouraged me to drink more water, which I think is really good for me! Here's what they do:

1) They count the number of ounces you drink each day by weighing the bottle each time you drink. They then report your success to an app on your iPhone, where you can track how much water you consume over the course of a day. The amount of water you drink each day changes based on the weather and humidity calculated by the Hidrate app. So I have had to drink from 65 to 79 ounces of water each day. It also sends you messages if it thinks it has been too long since you've taken a drink.

It actually hasn't been that difficult to do, and I think it's helping make my muscles feel better!

2) The other fun thing that it does is -- it glows! Every time you drink, and when you meet various goals during the day, the ring around the bottom 2 inches of the bottle lights up! You can choose the color that you want it to glow (mine is a rainbow color now) and when baseball season starts -- I might just change it to the Angels' colors!

So that's been happening...and here's the other thing that I have been doing...

I have been meeting the goal of 10,000 steps a day! Each morning I spend an hour walking around the neighborhood, and it's quite pleasant. I think that the extra exercise each day is also really good for my muscles. I believe that inactivity may gum up the works a bit, so I am happy to be able to walk around the block. I chat with the gardeners that I see, and take note of all the changes in the neighborhood to report back to Robert. We're still pretty much in lockdown, so it's nice diversion to get out and about.

They say that doing something for two weeks makes it a habit -- so I'm hoping that I can make this a habit for good! Wish me luck!

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Lisa Ridino
Lisa Ridino
Feb 26, 2021

Love love love this!!! The mystery of flash freezing is no ,more!!! Cant wait to try this and catch your nest vlog!!

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