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First Solo Granddaughter Outing at the Gene Autry Museum!

We've been lots of fun places with the granddaughter ... but rarely alone! And never for an extended excursion like a museum visit!

We always took our daughters to museums when they were young, mostly because we enjoyed them, and so did they! During the summer when we were all off for summer vacation, we would have Field Trip Fridays where we would explore Los Angeles, and more often than not we ended up at museums!

I can now report that our granddaughters got the museum gene as well! They were absolutely terrific museum visitors. They were curious, and interested, especially in the big sculptures and exhibits, and they enjoyed interacting with exhibits when they were encouraged to do so.

They are very young -- one just under 2 years, and one just over 2 years old - so we made sure that we listened to their attention spans, and moved along when they needed new vistas.

The play area was new since the last time we visited pre-Covid, and it's in transition. But it's large, with lots of activities, and they are trying hard to meet the needs of the little ones. They are going to theme it with prairie houses, and more "Old West" activities, but for now it was a great place for the granddaughters to get their wiggles out and not be told "don't touch."

I really appreciated the exhibits on dresses that encouraged them to touch, and they took advantage of that readily - I was surprised!

Al in all in it was a successful day - no tears, lots of PBJ, and such a joy to see our granddaughters actually appreciating art at such a young age.



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