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Robert does an excellent job of describing the tools you can use to check on the fire -- and how those tools have helped us keep track of where the fire is in relation to our little cabin.

However, looking at maps is an informative but rather dispassionate way to think about this fire. For us, don't let Robert's tone fool you. We're very invested in the outcome of the fire, and we care very much about its possible impact on our Silver City community.

Robert's family has been part of this community for almost 100 years. Our granddaughters will be the 6th generation to be part of this legacy. Silver City and the Mineral King area have been our summer home since we can remember. So many fond memories, but not the Disneyland kind. It's a very rustic, pristine wilderness with no retail, or any of the luxuries of suburban life. Just 26 cabins, forest trails, rushing water, a night sky you didn't think possible, and good neighbors of the kind you only see in 1960's sitcoms.

And yet. We understand it is just a place. Our family, and all of the Silver City residents are safe. And that is the most important thing. We are grateful to the firefighters who are tirelessly working to stop the fire from destroying our cabins.

But the fire won't be able to destroy our families or our community. We are Silver City strong. And we will continue to be, no matter what the fire decides.

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