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Fiona, The Christmas Guide Dog!

This isn't Fiona's first Christmas with Jeffrey, but it's the first time that she has visited me at Christmas! She is a darling, spirited yellow Labrador, and she is Jeffrey's best buddy.

As I mentioned, I was good friends with Buster, Jeffrey's previous guide, and Buster would always steer Jeffrey to my office whenever he visited me at LMU. And, of course, I always had a treat (or two) ready for Buster.

I did not have a treat today for Fiona, and I felt a little guilty, but I think that she is spoiled enough at home that it really didn't matter. Jeffrey told me that she tries to climb up into his lap when he is using his computer, so she clearly is not aware of how big she really is!!

She is also the first female guide dog that Jeffrey has had. The first three, Ashby, Wyndom, and Buster were all male dogs - so I told Fiona that she had to do us proud and step up for Jeffrey the way her predecessors had!

She is a beautiful dog, and a lovely color, with a darling disposition. Lucky Jeffrey to have a friend like that!

Thanks for visiting Fiona!


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