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Fashion Show Sparkle!

Here's the bad news. When I was filming this video, I went on the computer to check the pronunciation of the word "paillette." (put-lets)

(Fun fact: What's the difference between paillette and a sequin? A paillette has a hole on the edge so that it can dangle or move. A sequin has a hole in the middle so it can be sewn flat.)

What do you think happened when I did that search? I saw ANOTHER sequined shirt that I thought I really needed!!!!

Oy. I'm going to return most of them (I think) except for the black mock turtle with the paillettes!

I also tried on a champagne sequined suit today at the mall. It fit pretty well, and I've always wanted a real sequined suit! But it was $600.00 -- and that is just a bridge too far.

It's one thing to have a passion for sequins - but entirely another to be an irresponsible sparkler.


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