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Fall Haul !!!

It's so windy here in Los Angeles tonight - we had to deconstruct some of our outdoor decorations so they wouldn't tip over. When we get everything totally situated I will show you the final product. It looks spectacular.

I had someone stop by today and tell me that she liked the two new blue ceramic pumpkins in the front garden decorations - but she didn't see them last year. So when I say that our neighbors really notice when and what we put up each year -- that's proof!

Robert invited me on a field trip today, so some of my "fall haul" is a result of that -- but our true destination was a wood working store that I found completely boring but that Robert thought was like Disneyland. It takes all kinds. I'll see if my video of our shopping excursion is worthy to publish.

Watching the Dodger playoff game tonight -- and my Albert was 2 for 2 before they pulled him for a pinch runner! He's still the man!


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